‘Von Hagens’ Exhibit by Marco Sanges at Munich’s Olympic Park / by Marco Sanges

The Olympic Park in Munich hosts ‘Von Hagens’ by Marco Sanges, an eerie yet artistic exploration of plastinator Gunther von Hagens’ work. The photo exhibit will run alongside the plastinator’s ’BODY WORLDS’ display from June 12 to October 5.

Marco Sanges - Van Hagens.jpg

Gunther van Hagens is a German anatomist who invented a technique called Plastination, which involves embalming and preserving biological tissue specimens in plastic; and founded the Institute of Plastination in Heidelberg in 1993. Von Hagens goes beyond preserving human bodies; after preservation the bodies are posed as if they are alive, creating an eerie but creative display of lifelike yet lifeless bodies. Von Hagens’ ’BODY WORLDS exhibition has toured in different continents, and is scheduled to run at Munich’s Olympic Park accompanied by Marco Sanges’ photo exhibit.

‘Von Hagens’ is inspired by Rembrandt’s ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp,’ an oil painting by the Baroque artist that shows Dr. Tulp explaining the muscular structure of a human arm to a group of medical practitioners. Sanges’ images have an old-world, unnerving charm that combines the scientific with the surreal.

"The project Von Hagens by Sanges is a very sophisticated series of photographs, inspired by Rembrandt’s well-known Anatomy Lesson. It consists of mystical and yet almost hilarious photographic images, starring Gunther von Hagens, famous for his plastinated bodies. The photographs reflect not only the omnipresent reference to death but are at the same time also celebrating life and the moment." 

- Edwin Becker, Chief Curator of Exhibitions at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam


“Von Hagens by Sanges”
Art photography
at the Kleine Olympiahalle, Munich

Source: Lomography.com