Sex, Surrealism and Sanges | Esquire / by Marco Sanges

Circumstances by Sanges (10).jpg

Meant with the greatest of respect, one would be forgiven for mistaking the work of Marco Sanges with that of an artist long deceased. His work however, in all its sultry grayscale glory, is as contemporary as it comes. In fact it was only last year that Sanges was recognised with two major awards for his short film "Circumstances".

Sanges' latest exhibition of photographic work, "Big Scenes" follows suit from a recent show in New York curated by Eileen Guggenheim and another in the slightly less glamorous surrounds of Hackney curated by Gavin Turk.

Surreal, erotic and channeling the decadent aesthetic of early 20th century photography Sanges' work is shot in and around London and features both actors and ordinary people.

"Big Scenes" is now on show at Hay Hill Gallery, Cork Street, London until 13 September. Source: